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Why Empire Wealth Strategies

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Matt Pollock, Director of Talent & Growth

The commitment of time and effort are significant, as is the case in growing any business. You won’t be alone in this venture, as you will be backed and supported by an experienced team to help you in marketing, strategic planning, training, and operating your practice. You will also have the opportunity to be placed into a team of established Financial Professionals to gain additional experience.

Our comprehensive support program uses a combination of hands-on, virtual and one-on-one coaching to develop competencies and shape an individual’s drive into a thriving and purposeful financial services practice.

Penn Mutual now refers to its insurance professionals as "financial professionals" in place of "adviser."

5 Principles of Building Your Brand


Establish Your Distinct Brand

Talent & Growth

Cultivate Connections & Build a Team


Develop a Strategic Business Plan

Business Development

Form a Prospecting Plan to Increase Sales

Advanced Sales

Utilize Support in Your Sales Process

What Our Team Has to Say

"Empire Wealth Strategies has been a tremendous business partner for our firm. The management team is continuously providing proactive ideas to help expand our business."

- Hunter G.

"Our team strongly believes in working in distinct markets and networking to networks. Empire Wealth Strategies has supported us by allowing us to leverage a large event space in our office to host group events and providing us the resources to distinguish our brand and become thought leaders in the markets we serve."

- Ruvin L.

Work With Us

We invest in our people because we know that our team together will achieve more. Our employees are given new and interesting opportunities to shine - making every day a chance to make a difference.