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Ankur Manchanda, LUTCF®

While financial planning has been my full passion for over 15 years, it stemmed from a different path which shaped and molded my knowledge for the present. Studying Computer Information Systems for my Bachelor of Science at Stony Brook, has trained me to become the true problem solver it takes to create the solutions I do for my clients today.

The key to my success is truly caring for my clients. Everyone’s goals and dreams are different, so it’s really about understanding what you are trying to accomplish and structuring a plan to help you achieve it.

Early in life, I learned that to have something nice in life, you have to work hard for it. My parents, who came here as immigrants looking for a better opportunity for their children and achieving it, taught me that anything is possible if you plan for it. This is why I am extremely passionate in showing others how, through strategic planning, they can make intelligent decisions to achieve their goals and dreams.

Planning is not always on people’s minds and does not trigger a sense of urgency until something happens to themselves or someone close. But, by breaking down the traditional way of thinking and bringing in new ideas and concepts, I can show my clients how to build, grow, and protect their future.