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Protect Who You Love with Life Insurance

You've worked hard to get where you are and to provide for your family. But you also need to protect what you've built—for yourself and for the people who depend on you.

Would your current assets be enough to cover an unforeseen event? Even substantial assets can be wiped out quickly. Imagine how you or your family would handle:

1. A medical emergency that caused an early death.

2. A long-term illness that quickly drained a lifetime of savings.

3. An injury or accident that made returning to work impossible.

Life insurance offers critical death benefit protection to help guarantee a safety net to protect your family, business, and wealth. Permanent life insurance also builds cash value that grows on a tax-deferred basis and in most cases can be withdrawn income-tax-free. Many people don’t realize that they could take a loan from the cash value to help meet a variety of lifetime goals, such as providing college funding, starting a business, helping with retirement or even as an emergency fund.

Protection Specialist

Robert Eichler, President & Founder of CCL Financial Group

It's crucial to protect what you've built - for yourself, and also for those depending on you. CCL Financial Group, a strategic partner of Empire Wealth Strategies, specializes in calculating the proper amount of coverage for both your family and your business.

Penn Mutual now refers to its insurance professionals as "financial professionals" in place of "adviser." Accessing policy cash values through loans and withdrawals may be subject to certain costs and restrictions and will lower stated benefit amounts. All guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuer.

Your Protection Plan

Disability Insurance

Provides income protection should an accident, sickness or injury prevent you from working at your regular occupation.

Life Insurance

Provides a guaranteed safety net that can protect your family's well-being and overall way of life when you're not there to. Plus some permanent life insurance policies build policy cash value, making it an excellent fit for the conservative portion of your overall financial plan.

*Life insurance policies are subject to eligibility requirements and restrictions and may not be right for everyone.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Provides a benefit to help offset the cost of nursing home or in-home care should you become unable to perform certain "activities of daily living".