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Financial Planning

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We created three sample financial plans to give you an idea of what to expect.

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No matter what your financial goals – It all begins with a plan.

A secure financial future doesn’t just happen. It requires thinking ahead, identifying your needs and goals, and developing a plan to achieve those goals. Once you have your plan in place, it’s just as important to monitor it regularly and make adjustments as your life changes and circumstances evolve.

Your financial professional can assist you with the plans, tools and products to help get you where you want to be. The smartest move you can make is to simply start planning now, while you have the time to maximize your savings and earning potential.

NYC Financial Planning Specialist

JR Gurrieri, Financial Professional

It is important to develop a process to achieve peak performance in your financial life. Financial planning connects the dots between our financial realities and the lives we long to live. JR Gurrieri, Financial Professional, discusses 9 essential rules for navigating your financial life. 

Penn Mutual now refers to its insurance professionals as "financial professionals" in place of "adviser."

6 Key Areas of Financial Planning

  1. Current Financial Position — to help you understand where you stand today

  2. Investment Planning — to help you fund your goals

  3. Retirement Planning — the goal of being able to maintain your lifestyle in retirement

  4. Tax Planning — to help avoid paying unnecessary taxes

  5. Protection Planning — to safeguard your loved ones and your lifestyle

  6. Estate Planning — to protect your legacy

As your life changes so should your financial plan.

For many of us, the financial environment has become cluttered with growing debt and soaring expenses, creating a greater need for financial guidance. That’s why it’s important to review your plan periodically, including your life insurance. Life insurance is critical for a sound financial plan that can also strengthen your other financial solutions.

Take the necessary steps toward planning for your financial future today.

Tips on Getting Started: 

1. Identify goals and create a plan to reach them

2. Consider working with a financial professional

3. Review your goals as your life changes